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Dabs and Laffs Comedy night at the Bookstore Gallery

Tuesdays at the Bookstore Gallery are all about the giggles and guffaws!  Step into our amateur comedy night, Dabs and Laffs, where laughter fills the room and good times are guaranteed. It's an evening dedicated to the art of comedy, featuring talented amateurs and hilarious acts ready to tickle your funny bone.

And while you're cracking up, why not elevate the experience with some dabs?  That's right, it's all about the laughter and the dabs here. It's a unique fusion of comedy and cannabis culture, creating an atmosphere where you can relax, laugh out loud, and unwind.

So, whether you're looking for a night of endless chuckles or just a space to unwind, Dabs and Laffs at the Bookstore Gallery is where you want to be on Tuesday nights! 

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